Why Deism?

Since I left Islam, I am being constantly asked by my atheist friends why I have chosen Deism and why not Atheism or Agnosticism. Well, I have to confess that I am a highly spiritual person. I have always had a very strong belief in God. This is partly because I believe science will not answer all my questions. Religion is ridiculous but so is the idea of existence of something from nothing. I am not just a random collection of molecules, my emotions might be due to chemicals in my brain, my feelings might be result of physical stimuli, but there is more than that. I am creature of love and hate, compassion and corruption. I am creative, I am destructive, I am evil and I am good, I am inexplicable and incomprehensible, there is a conscience, there is a ghost in the machine.
Deism is a concept that holds a rational view of world, with no need of any organized religion. But this rational approach of Deism has a room for an intelligent supreme being. The universe is like a clock wound up by the supreme being, has a pre-specified time duration after which it will ultimately stop and die. You can call that intelligent being God, Krishna, Buddha or Spaghetti Monster if you want; all is fine. But one has to admit that there is something out there that started all this. Most probably, the intelligent being we are talking about is as powerless as any of us. For if he were powerful with a tiny bit of conscience, he would have done something about the filth, famine and disasters in this world. This gives me a sneaky idea that god is probably a nerdy scientist. The universe is but an unintended unsustainable consequence of his uncontrolled experiments that went horribly wrong. And since he cannot control it, he has no choice but to sit back and watch the universe run its course.
Coming back to the topic, I am not a hypocrite to suggest that Deism is the answer to the mystery of universe. I believe that the riddle of existence is too big to have a single path to the ultimate truth. Rationally thinking, you can not be sure with complete certainty of any belief that you hold whether it is Atheism, Agnosticism or Deism. Every single one of these beliefs has justified criticisms. But no matter what beliefs we hold, we should and must have a unique philosophy on the purpose of life. The purpose that became the reason we are here today, the reason we can talk, think and act. The purpose of life is nothing but to evolve… morally, ethically and intellectually. Thousands, maybe millions of species have died so that we could evolve and exist… let us not their sacrifices go to waste.


2 responses to “Why Deism?

  1. Great post. The ancient schools teach us that God exists within us. We are all part of the universe no matter how insignificantly small we are, we are all like pieces of fiber interwoven into one piece of fabric. Our emotions reflect part of the universe. Organised religions are built on the negative concept of fear. We humans can only feel two emotions, love and fear – all other emotions stem from these two emotions. The elites have built the world on fear. In order to have “inner peace” we must remove all fear/hatred, negative energy from our hearts and love all. Love will empower us. I’m also a very spiritual person.

    • I used to love God and believe that he loves me back. But with so much evil in this world, its hard for me to accept it anymore. Its not like I have suffered personal tragedies, no… my life has been great!
      The ultimate truth is so obscure, it makes me think that perhaps our beliefs have nothing to do with God or the ultimate truth but the way we think, the way we want God to be and the angle we take in contemplating the universe.

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